Máy Test Mạng Đa Năng 5 in 1 Giá Sốc

Mã sản phẩm: 5IN1 Bảo hành: 12 Tháng


Mô tả:

5-in-1 multi-function cable testerUses: monitoring video cable ...

Hỗ trợ mua hàng

5-in-1 multi-function cable tester
Uses: monitoring video cable telephone line cable USB cable 1394 cable, including open circuit, short circuit, reverse the rapid test.
Features: 2 seconds to complete the test results, automatic energy-saving mode, the voltage is insufficient to remind.
The Full Function Tester for USOC 4/6/8 Ethernet 10 Base T / 10 Base 2 / TIA 568 A / B AT & T 258A / TokenRing etc.
The USB test function 1394 cable test function
The With the remote terminal can test the wiring has been completed wire
The Single line scan, the results of accurate interpretation
The Do remote test when a single person can operate
The Battery energy warning
The Can do self-loop test
The Power supply: DC 9V battery (not included)
The With a bag

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